Caja de almuerzo de fibra de bambú con compartimentos

  • BOX
  • Hecho en china
  • 35-45 días
  • 63000/días

Caja bento de fibra de bambú original: fabricada con fibra de bambú natural pura y material PP fresco. Fiambrera de bambú de doble capa de gran capacidad con compartimentos, diseño de estructura multifuncional, contenedor de alimentos de fibra de bambú para satisfacer las diversas necesidades de los consumidores para llevar comidas.

El contenedor de alimentos de fibra de bambú es apto para microondas, congelador y lavavajillas, conveniente para usar en todas partes.

Nuestro contenedor de alimentos de fibra de bambú utiliza PP importado de Corea del Sur y ha pasado certificaciones de seguridad alimentaria como EU LFGB y US FDA, grado alimenticio, libre de BPA.

Bamboo Fiber Food Container Lunch Box With Compartments


Original Bamboo fiber bento box -  Made with pure natural bamboo fiber and fresh PP material. Large-capacity double-layer  bamboo lunch box with compartments, multi-functional structure design, bamboo fiber food container to meet the various needs of consumers to bring meals.

Custom logo or full pattern on lid of bamboo fiber food container, lid with leakproof silicone sealing ring and plug. A set of fork, knife and spoon inside, and sdditional space for cutlery and sauce bag etc. A durable elastic nylon strap keeps the bento box securely closed. A movable divider inside make it easy to organize the space.

4 in 1 design lunch box, flexibly choose any 1 of the 4 variations (TF109, TF108, TF111, TF112). Perfect for sandwiches, salads, sushis and much more on the go.

bamboo fiber food container is Microwave safe, Freezer safe & Dishwasher safe, convenient to use everywhere.  

Our bamboo fiber food container using PP imported from South Korea and our lunch box has passed food safety certifications such as EU LFGB and US FDA, food grade, BPA Free.


1. Bandage: The elastic bandage is universal for single and double-layer lunch boxes, and can be used normally for 2-3 years.

2. Bamboo Fiber Lid: can be used as a food tray.

3. Bamboo Fiber Cutlery:  the cutlery set makes lunch on-the-go effortless. It includes: a wooden knife, fork, spoon, and chopsticks, perfect accessories for your convenience, and 100% dishwasher-safe.

4. Silicone Ring And Sealing Plug: V-shaped silicone ring is our unique design on the market. Silicone sealing plugs prevent food moisture loss when the lunch box enters the microwave. In normal use, the silicone ring and the sealing plug cooperate with each other to make the product have strong leak-proof performance.

5. Movable Divider: You can freely choose space ratio of the lunch box, and match different spaces according to different foods.

6. Box Body: The bottom protrusion can be non-slip, and the interior is designed with rounded corners and smoothed, making the lunch box easy to clean after use.

7. Others: The design of the appearance design makes the whole lunch box look very high-end, and the appearance design has obtained a patent certificate. The combination of materials makes the whole lunch box very light to use.





Bamboo Fiber; PP; Nylon; Silicone


Accept Customization




189.5*105*112.4 mm



Standard Accessories

Nylon Bandage * 1

Bamboo Fiber Top Lid * 1

Bamboo Fiber Inner Lid (With silicone seal and plug) * 2

Bamboo Fiber Removable Divider * 1

Bamboo Fiber Box Body * 2

bamboo fiber food container

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